Jennifer Widom Talks' @ Kasetsart University 14-20 October 2016

Jennifer Widom

Jennifer Widom, Stanford computer science professor and MOOC pioneer, is spending her 2016-17 sabbatical year traveling the globe offering free tutorials, short-courses, seminars, and workshops in the areas of data and design.

Why is she so famous?  see this and this and this

She will be in Thailand at the Department of Computer Engineering, Kasetsart University for sharing us her knowledge in Design Thinking and Creativity, Big Data, Women in Tech and Database MOOC + Live.

screen-shot-2559-09-28-at-2-52-09-amCourse: Design Thinking and Creativity (1 day) 

  • Venue: Friday , 14th October 2016 (Full Day 9:00-17:00), Room 503 Building 15 , Computer Engineering
  • Who can join?:  Students  from various backgrounds are welcome (in English).
  • Don’t know about design thinking?  Click Here.
  • Seats available:  ONLY 24! (Staff will confirm your seat again after the registration)

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Course:  Big Data (2.5 day)

  • Venue: Monday , 17th (9:00-17:00), Tuesday, 18th (9:00-12:00), Wednesday 19th (9:00-17:00) October, 2016.
  • Place: Room 406,  Office of Computer Services,
  • Who can join?:  Students , Researchers, Lecturers  from various backgrounds are welcome. (in English)
  • Don’t know about Big Data? Click Here
  • Seats available:  ONLY 60!
  • Map
  • What to learn?
  • Monday Oct 17 (full day): O1,S1,V1,V2
  • Tuesday, Oct 18 (half day 9.00-12.00): L1,L2,L3
  • Wednesday: Oct 19 (full day): P1,P2
  • screenshot_2016-10-15-11-43-46

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Topic: Research in Database Systems: Challenges, Principles, Prototypes, and Results (an hour talk)

  • Date: Thursday , 20th  October, 2016 (10:30-11:30) Building 15 , Computer Engineering
  • Who can join?:  Students, Researchers and Lecturers.

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